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Like a lot of folks in 2020, the Covid shutdowns left me out of two part time jobs and in need of a plan. As I sat in my former boss' office begging for any work she had, she told me she didn't have work for me but encouraged me to "Get Creative". Now any normal person probably would have taken offense to the suggestion that I could suddenly provide for myself again by simply "getting creative".  However, I'm no normal person and unbeknownst to my boss, creativity is in my genes. 

I, Raichl Davenport, finally began pursuit of my artistic career. Years prior I had this vision to make beautiful figures out of beautiful African inspired fabrics and once I finally had the time, I haven't stopped creating.

I have given my work the name AfroLove, which simply means that I have a love for all things afrocentric and diasporic. I consider myself an activist and artist, and I hope you get that when you view my work.   

My artistic expression has gone through many phases over this past year resulting in a highly personal approach and perspective. However I will always stay true to the notion that everything Afro- (insert whatever you like) is worthy of love.


Weaving by Hand
Painter in Studio
Wall Sketching
Canvas Painter
Pottery Class
Female Potter Making Mug
Bio: Bio
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